Television Lift Cabinets

Entertainment Out of Nowhere — The Television Lift Cabinet

Enjoy the ultimate luxurious experience with Thomas Outdoor Kitchens’ Television Lift Cabinet!
It’s a beautiful summer day, sun shining bright, perfect breeze blowing through the air, yet the game is about to start.No longer confined to the indoors, The Television Lift Cabinet allows no compromise between your love of the outdoors with your love of television. If a storm rolls through? We have you covered. Using our wireless remote, the simple press of a button is all that’s needed for the TV to lower back down into the cabinet. Because they boast our unique design, our Outdoor Television Lift Cabinets are completely water-tight, ensuring your television is protected in all weather conditions. The Television Lift Cabinet works as a stand-alone fixture or can be incorporated into larger designs that include additional storage cabinets from our collection.

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