Thomas Outdoor Kitchens… Where Strength meets Luxury.

Thomas Outdoor Kitchens is a high-end luxury, aluminum cabinet manufacturer located in the United States of America.  We deliver storage spaces with the perfect blend of long-lasting durability and elegance. Our team of professionals uses their expertise and skilled craftsmanship in combination with architectural grade components to bring the comfort of your indoor setting to your backyard. Our fully customizable designs are completely lined with a dual seal that forms a water-tight barrier against even the most powerful elements of nature.

Thomas Outdoor Kitchens is proud to work directly with homeowners, contractors, and design professionals on a wide variety of our projects. When it comes to outdoor living, if you can dream it, we can build it — there are no limits.


Extruded Aluminum Cabinets

There is no need to be concerned about environmental damage to the cabinets. Unlike those made of wood, plastic, or wicker, our aluminum cabinets will never rust, corrode, split, or rot… Ever!

Dual Seal Water-Tight Gaskets

When we set out to make the best Outdoor Kitchens, we did not overlook any detail.  Other kitchens billed as “outdoor” don’t even provide protection for the belongings that you store inside of them.  With our cabinets, a dual seal water-tight barrier is created around each cabinet door, ensuring that everything in your cabinets is protected from water, rodents, bugs, and cobwebs.

The Power of Customization

We build to fit YOU. Freeing you of limitations, we have the ability to customize our sizing and configurations to your dimensions and preference. Our designs offer a wide variety of cabinet face and countertop options, allowing you to choose from an assortment of glass and panel designs, colors, and materials!